Digital place-based advertising is the best way for a brand to maximize its advertising potential.

To explain to you how digital advertising can help your product be seen, only the facts are necessary:

The Wall Street Journal cited Digital Place-based Advertising (DPb) as the “hottest medium” today.

DPb form of target advertising has been shown by national research companies to increase all brand metrics including:

Increasing ad recall by an average of 56%
It has a 36.5% increase in influence on purchase
And it increases the interest in ordering a DPb advertised brand by 31%.

In fact, Digital place-based advertising growth is outpacing the rapid growth years of the Internet!

74% of DPb viewers are either on the way to a retail destination or a computer.

73% of consumers prefer shopping in venues that offer in-store DPb networks.

52% of captive DPb audience consumers remember product advertisements.

DPb networks increase specific product purchases by 36.5%.

DPb networks increase interest in advertised products by 31%.

33% of consumers stop to view content on DPb networks.

Companies spent over $139.45 billion in 2013 for alternative digital advertising. That accounts for 30% of total advertising costs, up from 18% in 2008.

According to a survey conducted by Touchpoints USA, when Digital place-based advertising is added to a media plan, it can increase reach by 18% for TV and up to 45% for Radio.

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