Content is King: The Importance of SEO Content for Your Website

Content marketing is the buzzword of the day, but it’s been creating a lot of confusion among business owners. If you’re wondering what the connection is between content marketing and search engine optimization (SEO), don’t worry. You’re not alone.

Some inexperienced web hosts assume that SEO and content marketing are two separate realms entirely, but in reality, they go together like peanut butter and jelly. Solid content boosts search engine rankings and better rankings allow more of your future customers or clients to find it. This creates a positive feedback loop that drives traffic to your site and raises your customer conversion rates.

Essential Differences

Before we go any further, it’s worth clarifying that there are some differences between SEO and content marketing. SEO is a narrower, more technical field. It focuses on optimizing websites to increase crawlability and improve performance with search engine algorithms. Content marketing takes a more holistic approach intended to create user-friendly, accessible, and informative websites that also boost your business’s SEO power.

An Integrated Approach

Now that we’ve talked about the differences between these two equally important digital marketing strategies, it’s time to discuss how they can work together to drive traffic and attract new customers. Think about it like this: SEO creates demands, and content creation fulfills those demands.

Here’s what I mean: SEO requires the use of certain keywords, phrases, and formats so that your pages look good to the almighty Google. Content marketing is what gives you the opportunity to fulfill those requirements.

Key Features

Incorporating SEO keywords naturally into your site’s content is one of the best ways to boost page rankings. Good content can’t just be written around keywords, though. You need to keep your audience in mind and provide genuine value.

Publishing killer content is also the best way to generate white hat backlinks. Links from reputable sites will boost your pages’ ranking while simultaneously drawing in new readers. It’s a win-win.

The Bottom Line

Creating quality content certainly isn’t the only thing you can do to optimize your website, but without a solid blog and plenty of useful information, you won’t get very far. Don’t get overwhelmed, though. Contact us today to find out how we can help you with all of your SEO and content marketing needs.

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