The Top 5 Mistakes Businesses Make on Their Websites

If you have a website for your business in today’s world, you cannot afford to make any mistakes. But even if you think your website is solid, you are probably making some errors that detract from your potential. Avoid these five mistakes to set your website apart from the rest.

1. Clutter

Clutter is the quickest way to distract visitors from your main points. When you have too much content, your website is not effective in communicating messages and holding attention. Instead, focus on the quality of the information you choose to present.

2. Poor Navigation

Because visitors should be able to get where they need to go, clear navigation is key. If you are using drop down menus, then be sure that they are consistent across all pages. There is nothing more aggravating than getting lost in a sea of random menus.

3. Sloppy Fonts and Designs

Your business website does not need to have the most eye catching designs to be functional. Far too many websites try to complicate their fonts, which only leads to a tacky, unprofessional feel. If you find that you are struggling with fonts and design, keep things minimal and simple.

4. Slow to Load

In today’s busy world, speed is crucial when it comes to the online world. If your website is slow to load, then visitors are far more likely to click away and go do something else. Like social media and texting, the speed of communication can make or break your website.

5. Responsiveness

Because a great number of visitors use mobile devices, you should always ensure that your site looks great on all types of screens. All too often a website is only optimized for a desktop computer. This means you are losing out on massive amounts of traffic because your website is not mobile-friendly.

Although these website errors occur all too often, most of them are easily fixed. By taking the steps to correct these common mistakes on your website, you give your business the space to shine.

If you need help correcting these mistakes or others on your website, then get in touch with us today. Our team would love to help you present your business in the best light possible with a clean, optimized website.

Experiencing the design process is just one half of each designer’s individual golden formula. The second is conducting a personal evaluation of what your interests and passions are. What type of design do you want to do? What are your goals?

It’s a refreshing take. With so many tools, technologies and different design jobs out there, it’s important for young and seasoned designers alike to remember that you have a say in the path you take and the tools you choose to embrace.

If this resonates with you it might be time to revisit step one of the design process by hitting the drawing board. How can today’s design processes help you to achieve your dreams?

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