Dream Property Group


Our client, Dream Property Group had approached us with a simple task.  How could we use their existing logo, and brand to design modern, and appealing marketing materials?


We understand how real estate marketing works.  We knew that DPG needed to appeal to different types of clients (buyers, sellers, commercial clients, etc), so we put on our design thinking caps to come up with the materials below!

Branding Design

In terms of brand identity products, we designed a number of items for DPG which you can see below like brochures, pens, envelopes, buttons, journals, postcards and more.


Catalog Designs

One of DPG's main sources of information disbursement was through catalogs and printed materials.  We designed a number of catalogs catered to appeal to their targeted end-user.  Below, are the catalogs we designed for commercial clients, and residential renters.


Video Screen Concept Design

Another component to DPG's business consisted of finding suitable renters and buyers for high-end condos and apartment units.  We mocked up a video display for the office that would show currently rental listings, and the relevant information for each listing to drive sales even in their office.


For this project, our research focused on trying to understand the high-end real estate market in Long Island City, and how to help elevate a brand to stand out amongst the competition.


For the design, we focused on making all of the marketing materials clean, modern, and relevant to the clientele DPG was trying to attract.

Different End-Users

One of the issues which we were able to overcome was trying to design for multiple consumer types since their needs and wants were not the same.



After the launch of the new branding and marketing materials, DPG was introduced to a new level of success!



Increase in client interest and meetings 3 months after launch.

Higher Conversions

On average, 3 out of 5 leads became clients after the launch of the new marketing materials.

Increase In Commercial Clients

The number of commercial developers who showed interest after the launch grew substantially in just 90 days.