The Row Astoria


Our client, The Row Astoria approached us with a dilemma...How could we create a website to showcase a new fitness concept that did not previously have a website or anything other than an idea?

With that seemingly simple challenge, we brainstormed on how to best convey this unique, yet life-changing fitness program.


Our Solution?

We created an easy to use, simple to navigate, and robust website!  The rowing concept is such a fresh and unique one, so we wanted to approach and create a website that was not only visually appealing but also spoke to the uniqueness of the concept and its owner!

 Screen 1   Screen 2   Screen 3


For this project, our research focused on trying to understand what was currently relevant in the fitness market and flipping that concept on its head to make this website fresh and new!

UX & Design

For the design, we focused on making the user interface, colors, and usability as fun and easy to understand as possible.

Launch Of Project

Once the design was finalized, our final task was to convey the concept as clearly as possible, and launch the project!



After the launch of The Row Website, our client was met with a
number of pleasant surpises and successes!




Increase in the brands awareness and client sign-ups 30 days after launch!

5X Conversions

Increase in direct sales and revenue

Increase In Client Satisfaction

Immediate increase in client satisfaction and positive reviews achieved 30 days after launch.